Naughty Phone Fantasy
Naughty Phone Fantasy... Keeping it Sensual... Because Phone Sex should always be Sexy
Naughty Phone Sex Fantasy
Are you naughty or nice? If you are nice then you better get the hell out of here. We only offer phone fantasy that is truly NAUGHTY. It's FUN to get naughty & to let your fantasies run WILD.
discreet billing
Calls have a 7 Min Minimum
& are only $2.50 per min

fantasy talk You Must Be 18 or older
USA or Canada Only
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Naughty Phone Sex

erotic phone sex Our Fantasy Artists are real women and work from their own homes.Because of this you and your Fantasy Artist can be intimate and comfortable. Share your secrets and share your pleasure.

sensual phone sex We have no rules, terms, limits, or restrictions on topics that can be discussed. Our Naughty Fantasy Artists will talk about anything and everything! Your conversations are not monitored, reported, and your account can never be blocked or banned because your fantasy is too "naughty". No reason to worry about a "Terms of Services" that you have to abide to, and we welcome all types of naughty phone sex fantasies. If a girl doesn't have experience in your fetish, it doesn't mean that she will not LOVE learning about it and helping you to create the perfect mental picture of it.

The girls enjoy all types of sexual conversation whether it's just a fantasy you wish you had the guts to do in real life, or even a true personal experience. Which ever girl you talk to will probably also have some of her own confessions too.

We've been in the phone sex business since 1995 and we have a vast amount of regular callers because they know we can be trusted with their personal details, and that we deliver unrestricted phone sex. We have a great reputation and honest customer service.

Phone Sex

Phone Sex

Phone Sex

Phone Sex

Phone Sex
Phone Sex
Naughty Phone Fantasy
The Naughty Phone Fantasy Details!

Erotic ladies both young and old are ready to be your naughty sexual surrogates to lead you into pleasure. Your Phone Sex session is your time so you can talk about anything you'd like. Your fantasy can come alive through roleplay, or you can tell us your naughty secrets that no one else knows. Perhaps we'll share our own. If you enjoy phone sex to be soft and sensual then our sexy ladies will take you to a new level of ecstasy.

erotic hot talkThe advantages of experiencing Naughty Phone Fantasy with us are obvious:

  • We've been in business for over 20 years.
  • Our reputation among our clients is spotless!
  • Our customer service is far above "average".
  • You don't have to sign up for an account to use our service.
  • All your info collected over the telephone.
  • Our receptionist answer calls personally.
  • No automated systems, and no cheesy recordings.
  • Private Discreet Billing and no Mailings sent to your home.

naughty How to get the Right Fantasy Artist for YOU...

Allow the receptionist to handle all of your billing information. No need for you to enter anything in yourself. Then simply speak with the receptionist about the types of girls you like. Do you like blondes? Or Brunettes? Do you like slim or curvy women? Busty, or petite?

Tell the receptionist what type of female voice that you like best. Soft? Sexy? Young? Mature? Because we have women of various ages, there is an eclectic amount of sexy voices to speak to. We want to cater to your tastes.

Do you like certain personality types? Maybe a girl who is very talkative so you can be shy. Do you like women who are passive? Aggressive?

You can also briefly tell the receptionist if you already have a specific fantasy or roleplay mapped out in your mind.

This information that you share with us will narrow the search for you and we'll give you options from the Fantasy Artists we currently have available. We have a variety of ladies available at any given time of day.

During your Phone Sex Call...

Once you are directly connected to a girl, take a minute to introduce yourselves. Try to communicate your sexual interests and tastes. Everyone is different so it's important for you to give and take. Some girls will ask you questions in order to understand your fetish or fantasy better. Don't be put off… the girls just want to deliver you the best phone sex fantasy they can!

Please feel free to openly communicate your desires with us. We are a no taboo service and our Fantasy Artists are open minded and willing to play in any way you'd like. Even if your fantasy is extreme we always understand them without judgment. If your fantasy or fetish is "new" to one of our ladies, then she will still be willing to learn, play, and discuss it all with you. If you are the shy quiet type... that's fine with us too! Just let one of our ladies take the lead and whip up a naughty fantasy that is sure to get you going!

Feel free to give your feedback to the Fantasy Artist that you speak to. If she goes into a direction you don't care for, then please let her know. Speak up. Your phone sex fantasy call is all about you. Your call is your special treat and you absolutely have a right to redirect it.

Most importantly, get naughty or extreme, but make it a good time. Be sure to close your eyes and let your fantasy run wild in your mind!

Naughty Phone Fantasy combines Phone Sex with some of the most talented Fantasy Artists to give you the most creative erotic phone sex you've ever had. Friendly receptionists will assist in finding you the perfect Fantasy Artist to take you. The fantasies that we offer are open ended, there is no limit to what you can do on a phone sex call. Your special phone sex fantasy can still be sexy, erotic, hot, and naughty. If you like phone sex to be slow and sensual then you have found the right place!

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